SSB Procedure

First Day:

i) Verbal and Non Verbal Test:
a. Section 1: 40 Questions
b. Section 2: 50 Questions

ii) TAT:
a. A picture will be shown to you. You need to write a story within the given 3 or 4 minutes.
b. Group discussion on the story written. You are supposed to reach a decision on whole story in your group best suits the picture.

Second Day:

i) TAT:
12 pictures will be shown to you. The last one will be blank picture. You can imagine any picture on the last one. You have to write story for all the pictures.
Each picture will be shown to you 30 seconds and for story writing 4 minutes will be given.

ii) Word Association Test (WAT) :
60 Words will be displayed. Each word will be displayed for 15 seconds and you have to write a sentence on the displayed word within this 15 seconds.

iii) Situation Reaction Test (SRT) : You will be given a question book, which has 60 different situations. You need to write how you will react to those situations. Totally 30 minutes for 60 situations.

iv) Self Description:
You will be given 15 minutes to answer the following questions:
a. What your parents think of you?
b. What your Employer/teacher think of you?
c. What your Friends/Colleagues think of you?
d. What you think yourself and what you are now?
e. What you want to be in future? / What quality you want to improve ? etc…

Third Day:

i) Group Discussion:
a. Two topics will be given to your group. You will have to choose any one of them for your discussion(10-15 minutes)
b. GTO will give a topic, for which the group need to discuss (10-15 minutes)

ii) Progressive Group Task:
Your group will be assigned a task, which has four obstacles. We were given 40 minutes to complete the task. You should cross the obstacles by following the rules, which GTO describes you. Members in group can cross each obstacle in any order. But when you proceed from one obstacle to other, all the group members should cross together.

iii) Half Group Task:
Same as above, but the no. of members in the group will be half of the above. You just have to cross only one obstacle.

iv) Group Planning:
You will be given a mission and a map to understand the mission. All the members should individually write how the mission can be accomplished (10 Minutes). After that, the group should discuss the individual ideas and reach a decision as which one could be the best possible idea (15 Minutes). Any one group member will be finally asked to explain the plan to GTO.

v) Snake Race:
Your group will be given a snake like structure. You should cross hold the snake and cross six obstacles and reach the final point. While crossing the obstacles, minimum of 3 persons should hold the snake. All the other time, all the group members should hold the snake. You can proceed from one obstacle to other, only when all the members in your group cross the respective obstacles.

vi) Individual Obstacles:
You will be given 3 minutes to cross 10 obstacles, individually. Each obstacle is assigned some points, in range of 1 to 10. So, when you cross all the 10 obstacles total points you get will be 55. Obstacles include, long jump, high jump, jumping from some height, rope walking, etc..
If you cross all the 10 obstacles, and still you have time left, you can go for a second round which will gain you more points.

Fourth day:

vii) Command Task:
You will be given an obstacle, which you should complete in 15 minutes. You will be asked to act as a commander and you can call two subordinates from your group to assist. They can’t contribute for your idea. They can just assist physically.

viii) Final Progressive Group Task:
It will be same as Third Day’s PGT, but the entire group will be asked to cross a single obstacle within 15 minutes. I suppose, this is to check whether the group had progressed from yesterday’s experience and learning.
You will be asked to fill a Personal Information Form on the second day. Based on this, you will have an interview with Commandant or Deputy Commandant. Most of the questions will be regarding your personal life. You may expect questions like Why Army? , what you have prepared? , Your contribution to your family, etc… A kind of rapid fire questions will also be there, where 10 – 12 questions will be asked simultaneously. You are supposed to answer all of them preferably in the same order it is asked.

Fifth Day:
You will be called for a small discussion with the Commandant & Deputy Commandant, Psychologist & all the GTOs etc… It is quite formal meeting. They may ask if your stay was good and if any suggestions from your side for them to improve, etc…
Generally the Result is declared after the lunch.